Traidcraft was started in 1979 by a group of committed Christians who thought that trade ought to work for the poor.  It is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, and is both a trading company and a charity.


World trade takes place on a very uneven playing field, increasingly dominated and controlled by multi-national companies operating in the interests of the rich, industrialised countries. Southern producers who grow and harvest many of the basic foods we take for granted, like coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa, end up with very little out of the price we pay in the shops.  However, with a fair trade system:

Producers receive a fair wage which covers the cost of living in their area
A social premium is paid over and above the price for community development
A long-term partnership is entered into
There are programmes for environmental care
There is no child or forced labour
For small scale producers in the majority world, this translates into healthcare, education, and the dignity of being able to earn a decent living – basic human rights to which everyone is entitled.

St. Andrew’s Church Traidcraft Group

For about 15 years now, St. Andrew’s Church has had a Traidcraft Group which holds a regular stall on Sundays whenever tea & coffee is being served after the service. Here you have an opportunity to purchase a variety of fair trade products, including tea, coffee, honey, muesli, dried fruit, snacks and – CHOCOLATE!  Some of our most popular lines are yogurt-covered raisins, ginger cookies and DIVINE bars, which are sponsored by Christian Aid and Comic Relief, and made with cocoa from a workers’ co-operative in Ghana. These are available in milk, plain and white chocolate.  Geobars are also great favourites - they are healthy snack bars, available in chocolate & raisin and now in blueberry flavour too.

We also sell a range of cards and a small number of crafts from the latest Traidcraft catalogue. If you do attend Church on Sundays, please come in to the St. Andrew’s Hall afterwards and see our range for yourself!  We can order you anything from the catalogue, and because we are registered “Fair Traders” ordering in bulk, you won’t have to pay postage & packing.  Bill, Sally & co will be happy to serve you with a smile!

You can also find out more about Traidcraft plc and its charity wing, Traidcraft Exchange, by visiting the website at: www.traidcraft.co.uk

If you care about how the goods you buy are produced, then buying fairly traded products is one way of assuring that producers in the majority world get a fair deal. It is an important first step in helping to alleviate world poverty, and everyone CAN make a difference! Look out for the Fairtrade logo on over 3900 products available locally in supermarkets and independent shops.

For any further details about the St. Andrew’s Church Traidcraft Group, please contact Sally Romilly, email: sally@romilly.greenisp.or